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What to expect:
  • Join heated co-op battles in this free-to-play shooter
  • Play with up to five people to take down Blackwood forces
  • Enjoy new challenges, rewards, and events every day
  • Be a team player as you will be rated and rewarded in several categories
  • Choose between the Rifleman, Sniper, Medic, and Engineer
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Play Against Other People from All Around the World in Warface

Experience combat first-hand in some of the most dangerous places on Earth in Warface. Only the strong and smart will survive in these environments.


Crytek, makers of the acclaimed Crysis series, have created a free-to-play world in which combat is the name of the game. Built from the ground up, this first-person shooter lets you experience intense firefights alongside your companions. While every player is welcome to come up with their own strategy, the safest bet is to work on your teamwork. Working with your friends (or strangers online) is the easiest way to trump the opposing group.

Warface provides you with a AAA-title gaming experience in the free-to-play format. With high-quality graphics and extensive environments, you will get pulled right into the action in a second-by-second experience which includes movement, shooting and even cooperative team maneuvers.

There are many different locations which you will be able to experience in Warface. Some of the most dangerous places in the world will be where you face off against not only the computer-controlled opponents but other players as well. Together with allied player you will conquer new territory and shoot your way through war-ridden zones, hoping to make it out alive. In this war shooter, upgrading your arsenal of weapons is just as important as spending in-game resources on armor and kevlar vests. Safety first!

Warface features a vast array of multiplayer options for you to choose from on your road to becoming the ultimate soldier. A constantly updated PvE universe lets you take on new challenges every day in a co-op format along with your friends. These missions will reward solid teamwork and your individual skill displayed in combat.

Of course, there is an entire set of PvP in Warface which even have specific class-based options. These will push your skills to the limit as you face off against thousands of other players from around the world. You will have to master your class and weapon in order to come out victorious.

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Warface Tips & Tricks

  • Warface: Beginner's Guide to Classes

    08/25/2015 08:50 am - As with any FPS, it’s not always obvious what class will fit your playstyle, especially if the classes have particularly generic sounding names. Warface is a free-to-play FPS game that players are flocking to...more

Warface News

  • Warface: New Maps in Winter Update

    12/21/2015 08:43 am - Warface is getting in on the Christmas action with this latest update. There’s a new festive map, along with a whole bunch of other changes to the free-to-play FPS game....more

  • Warface: New Map in the December Update

    11/25/2015 07:42 am - The winter update for Warface is here, and it includes a brand new map set in a trailer park, along with new weapons and rewards. Fans of the free-to-play FPS have a lot to look forward to this festive season....more

  • Warface: Halloween Event Features Deadly Cyborgs

    10/31/2015 05:00 am - FPS fans aren’t getting left out this Halloween season, as the free-to-play Warface is getting its very own terrifying event featuring a cyborg invasion and a brand new cemetery map...more

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